Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adele Really Doesn’t Want To Be As Famous As Lady GaGa, Which Is Fortunate

The original headline for this story was going to be: Adele In Fear Of Becoming As Famous As Lady GaGa Despite Incredible Unlikelihood That She’ll Ever Be As Famous As Lady GaGa, Fear. However, that’s long-winded and not funny.

However, Adele really doesn’t want to be as famous as GaGa, which is incredibly fortunate for her.

Apparently, her fear is that she’d end up with a load of mental fans who would chase her around and yank out clumps of her hair and all that fun stuff.

The bum-chinned warbler, who has just bagged her second number one album in an age when chart placings pretty much mean piss-all, is making something of a name for herself around the world. She is, of course, the new Macy Gray inasmuch that she’s the kind of artist people believe they’ve discovered for themselves, and therefore, coupled with her cod-soul, gives a feeling of authenticity, despite having a PR machine so slick, that she could put Katy Perry to shame.

Of course, with this, Adele must uphold her end of the bargain, which means shunning the obvious trappings of fame in the press and maintaining that she’s is unlucky in love, like a proper, tortured artist.

Alas, while most pop stars embrace all their fans, Adele is quietly pointing out the nutters that she’s attracting, who will have become infatuated with her because of the constant “I’m single” chat.

She says:

“The other day I was up north and there were these – well, I don’t think they were fans actually, they were like eBayers.

“I’d be at the venue, they’d be there. I’d leave the venue and they’d be there. Then they started taking pictures of my dog doing a shit and stuff like that. It was really weird.

“I was on my own taking (my dog) Louis out for a walk. One of them just got in the lift with me and I got really panicky.”

No. Don’t even think about making a joke about her being too heavy for a lift, hence her nerves. That’s just plain lazy and nasty.

Anyway, keeping it slick and real…

“I was just thinking, imagine being someone like Cheryl Cole or Katy Perry or Gaga, where you’ve got to be conniving to have a normal day.

“That scares the life out of me. I don’t think I’d be able to carry on doing music if it got to that point. I don’t think it ever will – I don’t think I’m the kind of artist where that will happen.”

Well, at least she’s got that right.


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